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Have you ever played one of those logo quiz games? Some logos are incredibly recognizable, like McDonald’s golden arches or Apple’s – well, Apple’s apple.
Logos are probably the most obvious component of a company’s brand. A well-designed logo, like the ones created by Studio Pear, can lead to increased recognition and increased revenue.
Think of your logo as the “face” of your company – it’s something easily recognizable that represents your business. In general, people are more willing to do business with a company they recognize.
Logos aren’t the only component of a company’s brand though. Everything from your website and social media interactions to how you answer the phone and how your staff interacts with customers is part of your brand.
A good branding strategy can create trust. Customers are more likely to work with a business that is polished, professional and trustworthy. This, combined with the customer’s experience, will help you stand out among other businesses.
Branding can seem overwhelming, but here at Studio Pear we know what it takes to help a company develop a brand. Learn more about our services here.

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